The name of the classic ‘pot-bellied’ knife ‘’Arburesa’’ comes from Arbus (SU), an ancient town in the southwest of the island. Here is where in 1977, after the passing of the Spina brothers, renowned bladesmiths from Gonnosfanadiga, Paolo Pusceddu founded ‘’L’Arburesa’’, distinguishing himself for a more artistic approach. These knives, unique in form and finish, are crafted remaining faithful to tradition, yet always keeping in mind practicality, as not to forget that even though works of art, they are still knives made to be used. As such, they are robust and efficient.


The tradition of the arburesi knives is renowned worldwide especially thanks to the eclectic works of brothers Paolo and Francesco (aka Franco) Pusceddu.
Both acquired their skills from their father Mario, a blacksmith since the age of 5, when he was taken as an apprentice in his uncle Antonio’s workshop. In 1956 Mario began working in the Ingurtosu mine, but did not abandon his private activity as a blacksmith, and passed his passion for this ancient art on to his children.
Among these children, Paolo and Francesco, who quickly distinguished themselves for passion and talent, continued separately their careers as master bladesmiths. Paolo founded his own brand ‘’L’arburesa 2’’, now “L’Arburesa – Eredi Pusceddu”. Thanks to their dedication, these two brothers have allowed the world to discover this ancient and refined art.