A careful restoration allowed the artist and master bladesmith, Paolo Pusceddu, to expand the premises of the museum by annexing extra rooms from an old building adjacent to his workshop. The museum is divided into 4 rooms and showcases his collection accumulated through years of research and trading.

Historical knives

History and memory

In the first room, on the first floor, you can admire a collection of nearly a hundred ancient blades that display the various stages of the evolution of the sardinian knife.

Among these blades, some are of exceptional historical value, such as a ‘’leppa sarda’’ or ‘’busachesa’’, issued to the regular troops of the Judicate of Arborea


Collector’s knives

A blend of craft and art
In this second space, on the ground floor, you will find the best exhibits of the Coltelleria l’Arburesa. Over 150 pieces of exceptional artistic value, fruit of the undeniable skills of masters Paolo and Tobia Pusceddu.

The old workshop ‘’Su ferreri’’

A jump back in time
The third space, on the ground floor, is a faithful reconstruction of a vintage bladesmith’s workshop, (su ferreri, in sardinian). In harmony with the surrounding environment the visitor’s attention is drawn towards various authentic tools dating back to the early 1900’s, such as a bellows, a drill, a pedal-powered grinder and an old anvil.

Crafts of the masters

Culture and traditions of Sardinia

This fourth room, on the upper floor, holds a splendid collection of the most representative crafts of contemporary sardinian master bladesmiths.


Museum as an Arts Centre

Efisio Pisano

The museum hosts 2 interesting stone sculptures with metal inserts, by the famous craftsman from Villacidro


A significant portion of the wall in the museum has been frescoed by the renowned artist from Selargius, with a mural depicting Paolo Pusceddu at work.

Giuseppe LOrai

A glance upwards is met with wooden models of ancient nuragic warships, populated by miniature bronze figures. The latter being copies of the original statuettes preserved in the Archeological Museum of Cagliari, depicting warriors of the ancient Nuragic civilization.